Channel Letters For Your Decor

Channel Letters For Your Decor
Channel Letters are a great addition to your home décor. Letters come in a variety of sizes. The base color is black and front of letter a dark cranberry. Some letters, i.e., C, O, T, I, A and TT can be reversed to the inside color of white as shown. A letter such as F cannot line up correctly to be reversed in color.

Charcuterie boards are so popular and letters are popping up all over for a new twist to display vegetables, candies/cookies, live plants, cheese/crackers/fruit platters. Think outside the box and surprise your guests. We have some pictured with our letters A, E, R, and T

Sizes and prices will vary – please choose the letter and size that works for you! Consider the initial of your first or last name, favorite team initial, or as a gift! The double TT could also work for Pi for the mathematician in your life.

Vintage store front letters. Available while they last. The channel letter offers the industrial look that is so popular. Illuminate by opening up front panel and adding string lights Large 17.5 inch letter Medium 12.5 to 13 inch letters Small 9.5 to 10 inch letters X-Small 8.25 inch letter

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